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    The Foundation has established a number of new programs and series. 

     For more information on any of these exciting programs, please click on the links below.

American-Scandinavian Foundation

Scan|Design Foundation Danish Trainee/Intern Program

ASF Fellowship Program

Bellingham Technical College

Workforce Education Danish Exchange Program

Danish Immigrant Museum -- Museum of Danish America

Scan|Design Foundation Danish Intern Exchange Program

Distinguised Danes - Speaker Series

2008 Speakers

2009 Speakers

International Association for the Study of Pain

          Scan|Design Foundation Collaborative Research Grants

          Scan|Design Foundation Research Fellowship

          Scan|Design Foundation Early Career Research Grants


          Scholarship Program - Study Tour of Denmark

National Film Festival for Talented Youth

          Programs with 'Station Next' of Denmark

Pacific Northwest Ballet

          Fleming Halby Dance Student Exchange Program

Portland State University

          Scan|Design Foundation Fellowship Program

Scan|Design Foundation Summer Scholarship Program

Study in the United States Program

          Scan|Design Foundation - Study in the United States Program

University of Oregon - Eugene

Sustainable Bicycle Transportation Study Abroad Scholarships

University of Washington - Seattle Campus

Copenhagen Classroom

i School - Exploration Seminar - Scholarship Program

Scan|Design Foundation Fellowship Exchange Program

                    Scan Design Fellowship Blog

Scan|Design Foundation Summer Scholarships


Scan|Design Foundation Gehl Architects Intern Exchange Program 

                    Gehl Architects

Scan|Design Foundation Travel Study/Master Studio Program

                     UW-Scan|Design Master Studio Website

Scan|Design Foundation Master of Architecture Intern Exchange Program with:

BIG Architects

Henning Larsen Architects

C. F. Møller Architects

Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter

Scan|Design Distinguished Visiting Professor Master Studio with:

          Lene Tranberg

          Dorte Mandrup-Poulsen

Erling Christoffersen


Scan|Design Foundation Guest Lecture Series

Scan|Design Foundation Senior Fellowship in Pain Management Program

Scan|Design Foundation Innovative Pain Research Grants        

University of Wisconsin - Madison Campus

Scan|Design Foundation Fellowship Exchange Program

                     Scan Design Fellowship Blog

                     Madison Fellowship Blog

Scan|Design Foundation Summer Scholarship Program

Scan|Design Foundation Danish Scholars Fund


Information for Prospective, Accepted, Currently Abroad, Returned, Incoming, and Alumni Students


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