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What We Fund

Danish American Relations:
Within our Danish American Relations giving program, we are currently focused on promoting cooperation between Denmark and the United States in the areas of:



General Scholarships and Special Student Programs

We fund student exchange programs between US and Danish Universities.  We also fund programs which send US students and professors to Denmark to engage in a specialized study curriculum at a Danish University.

We have established the following student programs:

America Scandinavia Foundation

o  USA - Denmark Fellowship Exchange Program

Bellingham Technical College

Workforce Education Danish Exchange Program

Danish Immigrant Museum

Danish Intern Program

National Film Festival For Talented Youth

Student Programs with Station Next of Denmark

Portland State University

Scholarships for Study in Denmark

University of Washington - Seattle

Scan|Design Foundation Fellowship Exchange Program.

Copenhagen Classroom

Scan|Design Foundation Denmark Travel Study Program

Scan|Design Foundation Gehl Architects Intern Exchange Program.

Scan|Design Foundation Master of Architecture Intern Program

Scan|Design Foundation Denmark Travel Study Program

University of Wisconsin - Madison

o  Scan|Design Foundation Fellowship Exchange Program

Scan|Design Foundation Summer Scholarship Program

USA Youth Debates

o  USA - Denmark Youth Debates

Lecture Tours

We fund programs which bring Danish speakers recognized in their fields to speak on topics of interest to US audiences to the US for lecture tours.  Those tours should include at Least one Pacific Northwest presentation.  

We have established the following lecture tour program.

o   Scan|Design Foundation Master Studio

o   Scan|Design Foundation Distinguished Visiting Professor Master Studio

Other Programs

We fund programs which place US students in assistant, intern, or work-study positions to assist Danish professionals who are performing services in the U.S.

We have established the following intern program.

o  Scan|Design Foundation Intern Exchange Program.

o  Scan|Design Foundation Danish Trainee/Intern Program.


Performance and Visual Arts

We fund programs which bring performing artists from Denmark to the U.S. for performance tours.

Celebrations of Heritage

We fund programs which sponsor or host Danish cultural celebrations here in the U.S.

Scholarship Programs

We fund programs that provide performance art student exchange scholarships between the U.S. and Denmark. We have established the following exchange program.

o  Fleming Halby Dance student Exchange Program

  Civic and Cultural

Technology and Science

Programs that facilitate the introduction and dissemination of Danish technological leadership and information to help inspire and promote applicable energy solutions in the US.   We fund programs which take US government, civic, and business leaders to Denmark to observe and study the science and technology employed by Denmark in resolving issues such as transportation, city planning, governmental policy, and energy issues.

Governmental Interaction/Exchange

We fund programs which bring government officials from Denmark to the Pacific Northwest and/or which send government officials from the Northwest area to Denmark, to exchange ideas and strategies for government's role in dealing with current social, technological and commercial issues.

Historical Preservation

We fund programs which focus on maintaining the historical, cultural and ethnic heritage of Danes in the U.S., or programs in Denmark that highlight and preserve the historical connection between the two countries.


  Capital Campaigns and Endowments

We fund capital campaigns and endowments of organizations that the Foundation has made substantial grants to in the past.

Pain Research:

Within our Pain Research giving area, we are currently focused on supporting organizations involved in either basic or clinical pain research areas with an emphasis on cooperative collaborations between the US and Scandinavian countries.

We have established the following annual grants

o  IASP Research Grants funded by the Scan|Design Foundation BY INGER & JENS BRUUN

o  IASP Trainee Fellowship funded by the Scan|Design Foundation BY INGER & JENS BRUUN

o  IASP Early Career Research Grants funded by the Scan|Design Foundation BY INGER & JENS BRUUN

Grants are administered by the International Association for the Study of Pain.

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